General Medicine

Primary care physicians provide a broad spectrum of services, such as: Physical exams, Disease management, Weight loss management, Nutrition counseling, Patient educationRead More + »


analysis and laboratory tests to rule out diseases and guide treatment..Read More + »

Body Treatments

We provide aesthetic treatments Botox injections , fillers and new rejuvenation procedure , body fat removal and body sculpting.Read More + »

Advanced Medical Practice

MARRON DIANNELIS - Advanced Register Nurse Practitioner

to provide complete and excellent care to our community. Guaranteed Attention, We are professionals with skills, who help our patients to improve their quality of life


Our services

General Medicine , Primary Care , Diagnostic Testing , Physical Examination , Laboratory, Injury treatment , Wound care , Burn Care , Cast , Ekg ,
minor invasive procedure, pimple removal , skin tag removal

Laser Aesthetics , Botox Injection, fillers , Pdo thread lift , cellulitis treatment . Body sculpting, unwanted fat removal . Nail Fungus Treatment with laser

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Contact us, we are ready to assist you. Remember that time and prevention are essential to fight any disease...

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